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THE SKATE MATE - Screen Printing Platen


The SKATE MATE platen by Jolly Roger Skateboards is the first commercially available platen for screen-printing skateboard decks. The beauty of the Skate Mate is that there is no need to make a custom jig to screen-print skateboard decks "the old fashioned way." If you currently have a t-shirt press, with the capability of achieving 3 inches of off-contact from your press arm, it is as easy as changing the platen on your press and you will be screen-printing "between-the-truck" skateboard graphics with your standard 20x24 screens in no time. Side clamps are suggested for better control over graphic placement.

The Skate Mate is compatible with the following platen brackets:

LAWSON - Use Standard Rectangle Slip-Tube. *The Skate Mate was designed for Lawson presses so this is the ideal press for using the Skate Mate platen.

SILVER PRESS - Some minor modification to your standard bracket is required. You will need to drill out your mounting holes with a 1/4 drill bit.

ANY PRESS with arm dimensions smaller than 2.75" wide x 1.75" tall is compatible with the Riley Hopkins Low Profile Platen Bracket. *Your press MUST have the capability of achieving 3 inches of off-contact from your press arm for the Skate Mate to work with your press. *Even though the Skate Mate is compatible with Riley Hopkins Low Profile Platen Brackets you WILL NOT be able to use a Riley Hopkins press due to the lack of off-contact.

*The Skate Mate platen is adaptable to any DIY press, table clamp set-ups and any standard t-shirt press available on the market (capable of achieving 3 inches of off-contact). Some modification to the Skate Mate platen and/or your platen bracket may be necessary if your press brand is not listed above.

- Platen Bracket is not included.

- Currently we only ship to the lower 48 states.

For more information or compatibility questions drop us an email via our contact page and include a phone number that we can reach you at.