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WHAT IS JOLLY ROGER SKATEBOARDS? We are a small skate shop located in the Midwestern Sector of the United States (Belleville, Illinois). Jolly Roger Skateboards was established in 2010, but our roots are planted deep in the St Louis Metro East Area where we have been skateboarding since 1984. In 2001 we founded Circus Skates and in 2002 we opened the Big Top Skatepark, which later became the Plan 9 Skatepark. Since then we have done a little of this and a little of that.

• We screen-print our own: apparel, a majority of our decks and we pad print our own wheels (Guano Wheels). We also offer screen-printing classes in our Print Shop, located next door to the skate shop.

• For all of you printers out there, we designed the first commercially available skateboard platen for screen-printing decks, the SKATE MATE.

WHO CARES. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR SHIPPING? During the work week we do our best to ship orders the day of or day after receiving your order. We use the United States Postal Service for shipping. If you need an estimated delivery date specify it when you order and we will send you a confirmation email with an estimated time of delivery.

I AM TOO YOUNG TO APPRECIATE A REAL SKATE SHOP. WHY CAN'T YOU BE MORE LIKE THE STORE IN THE MALL? Here online we try our best to only sell products that we produce, old school products that interest us and other local apparel brands on occasion. The whole point of this site is to provide our customers with something original and items that may be hard to find.